Osiris Studios

Osiris Studios was founded in late 2010 by David "Don" Gates to support game development that they had been doing. The company's goal is to create fun and immersive games that focus on team work. Osiris Studios flagship game is Mist of Stagnation, which is due launch in 2013.

Our team is currently composed of:

  • David "Don" Gates (Web)
    Product Manager, Environmental Artist & Founder
  • Paul "MarchofDeath" Schorn (Web)
    Lead Engineer & Co-owner
  • Peter "The French" Orzell (Web)
    Programmer & Technical Artist
  • Marek "Gomo" Wisthal (Web)
    Modeler, Animator
  • Patrick Walsh (Web)
    Weapon Modeler
  • Joshua Burns (Web)
  • Nick "Jangalomph" Seavert (Web)
    Visual FX Artist
  • Nathan Palmer (Web)
    Music Composer
  • Kris "RagTag" Thaler (Web)
    Weapon Concepts
  • Louie Woodhouse (Web)
    3D Arist
  • Michael Ackerman (Web)
    Music Composer
  • Tom 'rezOnance' Wright (Web)

Our contributors are:

  • Dylan Avery Holcomb (Web)
    3D Artist
  • Nick "Jangalomph" Seavert (Web)
    Visual FX Artist
  • Taylor Bjorndahl (Web)
    3D Artist
  • Errol "Dynamic" Stange (Web)
    Character Modeler
  • Michael La Manna (Web)
    Music Composer / Sound FX
  • Misha "secretcaptivation" Snowball (Web)
    Music Composer
  • Cormac "Mac" Langen (Web)
    Concept Artist
  • Andy "Spiffy" Blackburn (Web)
    2D Art
  • David "DavidUnlocked" Au (Web)
    3D Modeler
  • Dan Nguyen
    Web Art

We can be contacted at contact@osiris-studios.com. We're happy to do interviews, answer questions or take suggestions.