Osiris Studios

Thanks for checking out our jobs page! We're currently looking for talented individuals to join our team. Join our team of engineers, mappers, modelers, and artists. You can send your resume to us at contact@osiris-studios.com and we'll get back to you if we think that you may be a suitable match!

You can find our list of openings below. If you think you can help with something other than what's listed, feel free to contact us anyway! Just be sure to explain what you can do for us and why you believe that you're qualified for it.

Flash UI Designer/Developer

We need people who specialize in UI design, including both development and the art behind it. Our UI is one of the core focuses of Mist of Stagnation and we are placing a lot of resources on it.

Preferred experience:

  • Adobe Flash and/or Autodesk Scaleform.
  • Some programming experience, ideally in ActionScript 2.0.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator or other texture software.


Our mappers are the architects of our game worlds. They use the UDK tools to turn a vision into a reality, deploying the work of engineers through Kismet and the work of modelers through the editor. Mappers work closely with engineers and can ask for new functionality or changes to configuration to help them.

Preferred experience:

  • UDK Editor.
  • Unreal Kismet and Unreal Matinee.
  • Unreal Cascade and the material editor are a huge plus.

Modeler / Animator

Modelers and animators work on creating objects and characters for our games. They usually use the work of texture artists, or if they want to, they can make their own textures. Modelers are also given concept art, but they can base their work on their own ideas. Modelers work closely with mappers, who will often be the people deploying their work. Animators usually use the models that others have made and animate them.

Preferred experience:

  • 3ds Max or other 3D software.
  • UDK Editor.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator or other texture software.


Our artists are really the heart and soul of our team. Artists illustrate everything that appears in our work and games, providing mocks, concept art, textures, and a slew of other things that they specialize in. Our artists also sometimes delve in modeling and mapping.

Preferred experience:

  • Photoshop, Illustrator or other art software.
  • A large portfolio of sample work for us to see.
  • An interest in the plot, themes, etc. behind our work.