Osiris Studios LLC
Based in Allen, Texas

Founding date:
August 2010


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Mist Of Stagnation



Osiris Studios was founded in late 2010 by David "Don" Gates to support game development that they had been doing. The company's goal is to create fun and immersive games that focus on team work. Osiris Studios flagship game is Mist of Stagnation, which is due launch in 2013.


Pre Osiris Studios

David Gates and Paul Schorn are cousins who both have loved games since an early age. David has been creating maps for games as early as Duke Nukem 3D in the early 90's Many years later he started working with Hammer editor, creating maps for a little game called Half-Life. From there he worked on many projects in Half-Life mods and Source. Paul graduated from DeVry University with a BS in Game and Simulation Programming where he was a team lead on their school project. He then went on to be the Lead Programmer at Magnin & Associates where he helped design and create iOS games.

Osiris Studios was formed

Osiris Studios has been working on Mist of Stagnation since early 2012. The game has changed its form a couple times since its earliest conceptions in 2010, but once we got the idea of our current vision it's been an awesome experience. Osiris Studios goal is to create fun and immersive multiplayer games, that incorporate teamwork into as many elements of the game as possible. We also enjoy helping other indie developers and aspiring developers by creating a web series dedicated to teaching out lessons we have learned.


Currently Osiris Studios is working on Mist of Stagnation in preparation for a Q4 release. We are traveling around the country to SGC, RTX, and PAX Prime to show off our creation


RTX Interview with Fan Service YouTube

SGC Booth Set up YouTube

Menu background map YouTube

Grass Demonstration YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • "..a fast paced and fun shooting game filled with vast levels and fun team play"
    - Anthony Carbone , Gamer's News Network
  • "If you’re into Steampunk, Mechs, and shooting you’ll want to check this out."
    - Sean Zingiris, Gizorama
  • "The steampunk gods have granted the wish of every shooter/steampunk fan in the world"
    - Mads Braas Jakobsen , VEHQ
  • "Osiris Studios’ David “Don” Gates on Mist of Stagnation "
    - Ozzie Mejia, IGC - Indie Games Channel

Team & Repeating

David Gates
Product Manager, Environmental Artist and CEO

Paul Schorn
Lead Engineer and COO

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